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Money is silver and gold coinage, only. Legal tender is not money. It’s legal tender, because it’s backed/enforced by legislation, which threatens with courts, fines, prisons, etc., if you reject it, which would not be necessary with silver and gold coinage.

Absolutely all transactions should be exchanges of value for value, and there is virtually no intrinsic value in legal tender. The threat of punishment for rejection of it cannot be construed as value, and paying with basically valueless coins and paper and electronic entries is FRAUD against the seller, as demonstrated by the pernicious inflation (destruction of value) over the last century.

Legal tender can be inflated, deflated, revalued, cancelled, blocked or removed from a bank account, at will, and usury/interest added too easily to it, which further proves its deception.

Which is why The Laws of God refer to money only as silver and gold coinage:  E.g. “My lord, hearken unto me: the land [is worth] four hundred shekels of silver; what [is] that betwixt me and thee? bury therefore thy dead.” (Genesis 23:15), and, “One spoon of ten [shekels] of gold, full of incense:” (Numbers 7:14). Over the centuries the word “shekel” morphed into the word “shilling”, which is still used by the (true) Israelites today, who are also recognisable by their Union (of the 12 tribes of) Jack(ob)  flag.

This return of stolen wealth is part of what was offered to everyone on the 5 November 2012. It still has to happen!

And the gold standard is also a scam. You will know the scam is over when you have silver and gold coins in your pocket, despite their excuses that there’s not enough.

Also the focus on gold is to divert your attention from the fact that traditionally there’s 16 times more silver than gold, so that will be the everyday money.

Find downloadable Word document Bank-loan Challenge Letter at bulletprooflaw.wordpress.com



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